My first post…

I have decided to start a blog. I don’t think I’m a particularly natural writer and I’m sure I often use twenty words when five will do. That aside though, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and so I’m embarking upon my journey.

First I’ll give a brief background into how I came to be here, typing this into my phone as I will my 22 month old daughter to go to sleep. She’s currently standing up in her cot, staring down at me lying on the floor and repeatedly throwing her teddy at me – I would say things are not going well! In fairness to her I should probably just stop giving her the teddy back…

Anyway, back to me. I am a stay at home mummy to a lively, talkative and very switched on 22 month old called Lottie. She is my absolute world and I adore her but I have to be honest, I’m totally winging it! Before she was born I’d never even changed a nappy, let alone googled pictures of baby’s bowel movements at 3 in the morning. Prior to my adventures in nappyland I spent 7 and a bit very happy years teaching in an infant school. (The teddy has just hit me in the face…this time I’m not giving it back) I have taught all 3 years in infants but it is in Reception (children aged 4-5) that my heart truly lies. I am passionate about Early Years and I really, really believe in the power of play.

Here comes the reason for this blog…I wanted a way of documenting the various play opportunities I explore with Lottie over the next few years of her life and I’d like to share them with others.  I would love it if one of my ideas inspires someone, sparks off some kind of new idea or simply looks pretty to them! Let’s face it I think a lot of mummies and daddies in the world are just winging it so let’s all wing it together!

If anyone does stumble across this blog and finds some of the ideas useful or interesting please do leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from people with a similar passion for play (and then we can all share ideas!). All suggestions etc are hugely welcome.

(She’s finally asleep and in tiptoeing out of her room I let the cat in by accident <insert mild swear word here>. Its definitely time for a glass of wine tonight!)

Here’s a picture of my daughter at the beach….just because!

2017-05-10 13.28.55