How to – dye/colour rice with paint

I have previously used food colouring and vinegar to colour rice before and I am usually disappointed with the wishy washy colour (and the fact I can always smell vinegar afterwards!) so I experimented with paint instead.  It worked well so here’s what I did:

  1. Split the rice into sealable bags depending on how many colours you want.
  2. Squirt a decent sized blob of paint into each bag. I used non toxic, child safe acrylic paint for mine.
  3. Seal the bag and squidge it until all the rice is covered with the paint and it looks like a mess! (If you’re brave enough this bit is great for children to help do).
  4. Open up the bag and spread the rice out on a covered baking tray for it to dry.  Mine didn’t take long to dry at all but you can speed it up a bit by putting the baking tray in the oven on a very low temperature (I tried 60 deg C) for 20 mins or so.

Et voila – beautiful bright coloured rice with no vinegary smell, perfect for sensory bins, tuff trays and all sorts of messy play!

Early years, sensory play, dying/colouring rice with paint, learn through playSupplies and Suppliers:

Rice – I used Aldi value rice, cheap and copius!

Paint in pretty colours – I used acrylic as I had some in the cupboard and its non-toxic and safe for children. I’m sure other paints will work just as well though.

Resealable (zip-lock) bags