Sensory bin – kinetic sand

Lottie loves this sensory bin and we get it out a lot.  It’s easy and quick to put together and so much fun.  You can make your own kinetic sand (and I will post up the recipe I use in a later post) but you can also buy it.  I bought the sand used for these pictures and it’s great, it holds its shape well but is a lovely texture to squish and squeeze too!

If you’re unsure what kinetic sand is, it’s mouldable sand.  It can be used to build shapes easily and never dries out.

We simply have the sensory bin with the sand in the bottom (I used 2 packs here (3lbs) and to be honest we could have done with another 2 but it was enough) and then a variety of beach toys, scoops, spoons etc.

Kinetic sand/sensory/messy play, early years, learn through play, EYFS, tuff tray

Silicone ice cube trays work really well with kinetic sand.  We bought some from Ikea very cheaply and they make flowers, fish and starfish shapes.

I absolutely love kinetic sand, not just because Lottie plays so well with it and gets so much from it, but because I love playing with it too! If you’ve not tried it yet, have a go, it’s a definite family favourite!

Supplies and Suppliers:

Kinetic sand – either homemade or bought (the stuff used in these pictures is from here:

Assorted spoons/scoops/jugs/pots etc

Beach sand toys

Silicone ice cube trays

 EYFS links:

PD: sensory exploration, fine motor skills, manipulation

UW: exploring the world




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